Emma Beech


Emma Beech started making shows for her mum in her bedroom when she was six. Since then, she has graduated from Flinders Drama Centre, worked in theatre, screen and developed a practice developing theatre shows from intimate conversations with other humans, from strangers to her dad.  The best of these moments Emma collects together to make a show, and she is constantly seeking to replicate the joy and art of a great conversation on stage. Her work is often direct address, and montages stories, gestures and physical narratives that are collected from interviews, conversations, confessions and observations with imaginings of everything in between. Emma works with collaborators that include installation-theatre companies Carte Blanche, Group 38 and August and September, in Denmark, and Patch Theatre, The Rabble, Arts House, Open Space Contemporary Arts, State Theatre Company of South Australia and Vitalstatistix, in Australia. She is a founding member of the Australian Bureau of Worthiness, through which she creates residency-made performance works.