Goddess Ball’s Fun House

Bodies of Work residency / creative development

An exploratory dive into online performative spaces, adult camming sites, chat windows, and cyber encounter. Using text, performance and endurance, the artists’ subjectivities and gaze are placed within the wider aesthetics and politics of online sex work.

amira.h. is a queer Lebanese Muslim performance artist who works extensively in the areas of endurance, body art, object-making, and ritual. Monte Masi is a performance artist whose practice reflects on economies of visual attention, the labour of looking and the ways we look together. Both are interested in performance to audiences via online platforms.

For Adhocracy 2021, the artists brought together these mutual fascinations in a first-time, remote collaboration that focused on reading and dissecting archives of online chats. This second development will bring them together to experiment with a range of performance modes and test an endurance-based performance installation.

Creative team:
Co-creators: amira.h. and Monte Masi


This project was first supported by Vitalstatistix through Adhocracy 2021