Jason Sweeney and Em König

JASON SWEENEY (he/him) is a submerging queer artist carrying around a 20 year old backpack full of peculiar projects marked ‘lost and found’. Rummage around in there and you’ll find some of these were good, a few were great, others he’d rather not talk about. He’s always looking for the exit door, he’s anxious in crowds and preferences quiet spaces away from others. Ideally he’d rather you didn’t.

Artistic preferences are music, film and solo retreats.
The thing he’s most passionate about is the music he makes under the names of Panoptique Electrical and Sweeney. But he’s open to suggestions.


EM KÖNIG is a queer poet/fiction writer, lyricist, songwriter, musician and creative writing honours student at the University of Adelaide. He has had fiction, non-fiction and poetry published in Uneven Floor, Pure Slush, Truth Serum, On Dit, Flazeda, Australian Vegans Journal, Meniscus & Malevolent Soap among others. His recent writing contributions include How to Throw Mud in 2015, a spoken word event hosted by Feast Festival, and Queering the Museum in 2016 which asked queer artists to reimagine the histories of South Australian museum objects by allowing audiences to view them through a queer lens.

Em was recently awarded the 2016 John Harvey Finlayson Prize for Creative Writing and the 2016 Sir Archibald Strong Memorial Prize for English and Creative Writing. Em writes about ecofeminism, climate change, animal cruelty, queerness and nature and explores these subjects across disciplines.