Climate Century

An afternoon of artist talks.

In the face of the global condition of climate change, how do we engage in longer-term and speculative thinking? This is one of the provocations underpinning Vitalstatistix’s current five-year project Climate Century (2014-2018). Climate Century includes a series of commissioned artworks, projects and events that consider how we might memorialise the climate century.

Join us for a mid-winter Sunday afternoon of exploratory artist talks and conversation.

Fresh from presenting at Psi #22: Performance Climates conference in Melbourne, Sasha Grbich and Emma Webb will discuss the 2015 iteration of Climate Century, an exhibition of seven works presented with the South Australian Maritime Museum in November-December 2015.

This year’s commissioned artists, Jason Sweeney and Michael Koenig and Emily Parsons-Lord will discuss their respective new works at the beginning of their creative development.

Sweeney’s Climate of Cruelty is seeking to honour the lives of the top ten animal species killed worldwide for food, in a song-cycle, experimental cinema piece and commemorative chamber concert.

Parsons-Lord’s There is Nothing Accidental or Surprising About This is a long term artwork that uses tree rings to record the human activity and changes to climate as a living memento mori, a memorial, a monument to this radical and rapacious Anthropocene.

2-5pm Sunday 17 July
Waterside, 11 Nile St, Port Adelaide
No bookings required – entry by donation
Bar and hot vegan soup available


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