Chris Scherer


In development with Performance & Art Development Agency and Vitalstatistix

In 1903 dance pioneer and teacher Isadora Duncan famously gave her speech ‘The Dance of the Future’, which became a manifesto of free dance. She expressed a desire for freedom and advocated the rediscovery of the ‘natural language of the soul.’

“The dancer [of the future] will not belong to a nation but to all humanity.” Artist Chris Scherer will investigate the nature of liberty, as such ‘dancer of the future.’

A live work made for galleries, Duncan will investigate the embodiment of liberty in the 21st Century through the lens of this activist, revolutionary and icon.

This first durational showing of the work draws from documentation of Duncan’s influence in the visual art world. Over the course of the evening, Berlin-based artist, dancer and choreographer Chris Scherer will appear in Versus Rodin: bodies across space and time, and around the permanent collection with a series of provocations that challenge the role of the body within the coded space of the gallery.

Image credit: Stini Röhrs.


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Project Dates

Work-in-progress showing: 5-9pm, 7 April

Art Gallery of South Australia’s First Friday, Versus Rodin exhibition