Since the 1980s computers have modelled the way birds flock, identifying three simple rules that govern their movement: separation, alignment and cohesion.

Aeon is a listening manoeuvre; a participatory experiment of sound, movement and group dynamics to queer and question what we think of as ‘natural’. Drawing on bird flocking strategies it invites you to navigate public space in a communal yet deeply personal experience.

As we walk multiple paths toward a future in flux, Aeon envisions the space between civic responsibility and personal consent; between soaring clouds of wings and piles of pigeon poo to offer a paradoxical, complex and ever emerging horizon.

As part of Vitalstatistix’s national art hothouse Adhocracy, the Aeon creators are collaborating with ten South Australian artists to test out this exciting new work in Port Adelaide.

Two showings of the work-in-progress give you a chance to experience and contribute to a new performance which will go on to be seen around Australia and the world.

See here for more information about Adhocracy.