Nicola Gunn and Tamara Saulwick

Incubator Residency

Super Imposition is a new work and first collaboration by contemporary performance-makers Tamara Saulwick and Nicola Gunn.

Fusing performance dramaturgy, music composition and video art, Super Imposition interrogates notions of change – our desire for it, our resistance to it and the inevitability of it.

Ideas of change have different resonances and implications when viewed through the lens of our personal lives as distinct from a wider socio-political context. Through exploring and performing these differences, the artists will illuminate the inconsistencies, hypocrisies and complexities of our life and times. Times in which views once considered outdated are gaining renewed currency.

In development with Vitalstatistix and Chamber Made Opera, the work will draw upon Tamara’s practice of using sound and recorded transcripts to make a kind of documentary fiction and Nicola’s work that blurs the distinction between performer and persona to create an autobiographical fiction.


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